It’s a long weekend. We’re thankful for that.

It’s a long weekend. We’re thankful for that.
The Bombers continue to grind out wins. So we’re thankful for that.
But it’s October, and we’re not all that thankful for that.

Saturday afternoon sees a fun Thanksgiving inspired popup kitchen from Chef Alex. Who doesn’t love a good stuffing poutine or a mash potato cone? As per usual, the Bomber game will be on the big screens in the taproom.

Friday and Saturday, we’re taking part in the Cereal Bowl Challenge. Full Geek Brewlab and our goodselves have produced two beers featuring cereals, yeah actual breakfast cereals. Think of it as a decentralised beer festival with cereal inspired beers in taprooms around the city. Our beer doesn’t include Lucky Charms as that’s culturally inappropriate to Irish Paul, he doesn’t use Irish Spring either, and don’t get him started on Notre Dame’s mascot. Only available in the taproom.

Sunday morning, we have a Liverpool game on the wall, and a celebration of a departed member of the Liverpool Supporters Group, And if the sun is out, the patio is open. And of course Sunday Happy Hour pricing on 16oz beers from Noon to close.

Our new Irish Red Ale cans are rolling out this week. Keep an eye out for the new name – Red Setter – as stock gets replaced around the city. If you visit Liquor Marts, you’ll also see our new Northern Brown Ale – See A Man About A Dog on the shelves.

As its a holiday Monday we are closed and there’s also no comedy night this week. Back as normal on October 17th.