Is Spring finally springing? Is springing even a verb?

Is Spring springing? Finally? Really starting to look like it, we even had a couple of hardy souls on the patio yesterday enjoying their pints of Brennan’s Barn.

Few changes to opening hours this coming week. We’re closed Wednesday due to all the staff having tickets for some hockey game and none are willing to give them up. And we have a private group on Friday night so will be closed to the public from 6. Otherwise open as normal. Assuming Liverpool don’t get tonked on Tuesday, leading Irish Paul to create a trail of destruction around Winnipeg on a one-man riot.

Beer-wise, the Smokey Porter is done and gone, as is the Coffee Stout. Currently not pouring Kaiser Bill but there’s a couple of batches in the pipeline – one for canning for the forthcoming MBBA Social Pack, and the other for general release.

Onkel Georg, our new radler is selling well, and will be on the MLCC Growler Bars in mid-May, so keep an eye out for it. Oktober Blond, our lighter beer, should be back by the weekend.

Several new beers are coming down the pipeline – Brazen Angel, our collab project with Brazen Hall is coming along nicely; as is our Dubbel, St. Bernie of Pinawa. We’re very excited about both of them.