Insert funny title here pls

As we write this missive, the umpteenth letter of Paul to the Winnipeggers, we are reminded that…. ummm starting to sound like a sermon.
Let’s start this again.

As we gather here today in the city of Winnipeg to witness…
Ah no, that’s a wedding intro.
It’s been a long week, we’re out of energy and ideas, one last kick of the can.

Okay it’s cold outside, but at least it’s sunny. This week’s conversations at the counter have been very winnipeg-hive-mind. Wednesday it was SAD, Friday, it was the price of everything, and we mean everything. Who knew that condoms were so expensive nowadays, and don’t buy No Name brand. Which is just our way of bringing up that we’ve brought back our Happy Hour pricing on 16oz beers daily from 3.30-5.30pm. We have also opened up our hours for February reverting to later closing on Wednesday and Thursdays.

The Monday Mic continues this week with headliner Emmanuel Lomuro and assorted support acts – door is a very reasonable $5. Trivia Tuesdays are continuing too, and if you’re not into joining in the quiz, we’re still open for a beer over the evening. So come down hangout, play a board game and enjoy the buzz (it’s a buzzer driven quiz, that was a joke, you can smirk now).

Drops mic.