Inches from glory

So close and yet so far. Nearly never won anything but we nearly won. The Schlitz Light Cup last weekend was a whole lot of fun. The guys from Brazen showed up in their longboat, fully garbed, with tankards ready for a sup of Brazen Angel.

After a few sups, the contest was on, in retrospect we should have cheated by sweeping our side of the carpark. A decision that was to prove fatal. On the first pull we got smoked. The second pull went our way but on the third, we were inches from victory before our feet started to slide and they pulled us back for the win.

It was all a good laugh! And looking forward to it being bigger and better next year. Thanks to our team – Mr. Ambassador and son, Trevor, and the women of Winnipeg Wanderers Rugby Club who were definitely the strongest players on our team (being actually athletic).