In this together

As the Winnipeg numbers are climbing – no need to ask what numbers, we are all glued to our phones at 1pm everyday – we figured that we’d just remind you of a few things. No, not the fundamentals, although we believe strongly in them.

  • The taproom is socially distanced, infact you can ride a bike around the tables comfortably. We do not however allow this before you get ideas.
  • Even for football games on the wall, we move the tables around to maximise viewing opportunity while also maintaining a good and proper distance between them.
  • Our patio is like the fields it looks out on, open and spaced. And it is always available to sit on, no matter how cold. There is afterall no bad weather, just poor clothing choices.
  • We ask that you wear a mask while entering the taproom and leaving your seat.
  • Curbside pickup and home delivery is still in operation. Curbside pickup can be anyday that we are open – Wednesday through Sunday. Home delivery is currently Thursday although that could be extended to other days as the Winter progresses.

We are, to use a phrase, all in this together. Sensible precautions can ensure that we can continue to use our bars and restaurants. Many Winnipeg bars, breweries, and eateries have gone above and beyond to ensure your safety. If you are feeling unwell, or even just ‘a bit under the weather’, perhaps you can stay home, and go out another night when you feel better. The industry welcomes your support, but also needs to protect its greatest asset which is the people who work in it!

Stay well!