If ya can, can, can!

The beer menu will be changing over the next couple of weeks as some of the darks are phased out (fading to grey so to speak) and are replaced with a few lighter beers. But fear not, lovers of the darkness, we have one more trick up our sleeves. Actually we have many tricks up our sleeves, and that’s why folk insist we wear t-shirts while playing poker. But that’s a story for another day.

Our recent 60 Glasses have been enormously popular, the Cafe au Lait Stout receiving many compliments at the counter – coffee without the bitterness being a frequent comment. But this past weekend’s Rhubarb and Strawberry Cider was in huge demand on Saturday running out early in the afternoon. Like we always say, when it’s gone, it’s gone. Next week’s batch is a Maple Bacon Porter, breakfast without the pancakes!

Before the recent dump of snow, we had cleaned off the deck for outdoors seating – and a few hardy souls did avail of the opportunity to sit and admire Lake Stone Angel. We look forward to many evenings of the same.

There’s a number of new beers coming down the line for March release so stay tuned. Plans to can beer are well advanced. Designwork is underway for the labels, and it is intended to can Luther’s Folly, Kaiser Bill IPA, and Redhanded from the second half of April. We’re very excited about this as growlers can be an awfully big commitment for some.

Growlers also lack that sense of excitement when you lean into the depths of your fridge and discover the last single can of your favourite beer when you thought you were out. Small victories are still victories! Onwards!