How to vote in the forthcoming election…

We’re not political, in fact any attempt by a politician to take a selfie at our selfie wall may be photo-bombed with donkey ears or a large hook coming in from the side.

But thinking long and hard about these forthcoming civic elections, we believe, dear reader, that we cannot remain sitting on the fence for too long. Mainly because we’re old and it leaves a big crease across our arses. But also because there is one unifying candidate for the city. One who doesn’t care if Garbage Hill has a cool sign (what about Brady, bet it feels left out); or if you can cross the street at Portage and Main in -40C; or if there are political debates with all the candidates (there’s beer fermenting here that’s more interesting to listen to)! Burble!

We speak of course of Beer! A local candidate for locals; a candidate we can get all behind; who is always there for us; who wont judge you; who will be there for you on Monday afternoon as well as Friday night; who will congratulate you on a job well done as well as commiserate when the job sucks! And beer will be there for you when a relationship ends. Try ringing a city councillor at 2am to cry about your ex! Hey, is that WPD at the door?

So with that in mind, Stone Angel Brewing Co, formally endorses beer for a seat on the city council.
This election season – vote local beer!
And get your tickets for the Manitoba Brewers Asssociation Octoberfest!