Home delivery is back!

The nights are drawing in, and the weather is gettin very Winnipeggy. And if we learned one thing during the Covid lockdowns is that ordering online is easy.

So we’re bringing sexy back, at least sexy if you fancy small Dodge delivery vans. Sorry, wrong website, we’re bringing home delivery back. With the Van of Happiness! “Great” you cry, but there are caveats.

“Oh Stone Angel Caveats for Christmas, so elegant, so Stone Angel…” you cry.
Not cravats, caveats… conditions… limitations… And stop crying!
“We can’t, we’re so happy” you blubber.

  • Within Winnipeg, so sorry Oakbank, La Salle etc. Would have typed Dugald, but the ‘d’ key is still busted on this laptop, and you’re d-heavy.
  • Order cutoff is 1pm Fridays.
  • Minimum order for delivery is 6 cans, free delivery on 12 cans
  • Friday afternoons to early evening.
  • You must be home to receive.

First run next Friday November 26.