Holiday Hours

Just a quick post regarding our holiday hours. Here at the little brown 1970s strip mall, we like to spend as much holiday time as possible watching old movies and tv specials. Boxing Day is reserved for back-to-back Indiana Jones movies, turkey sandwiches, chocolate, beer, and the Doctor Who regeneration! So in order to maximise our time with family while still allowing us to serve your beerage needs, we’re tweaking our hours a little.

  • Sunday 24th – Christmas Eve – the best day of the year according to Irish Paul – we’re open 12-4 for a relaxing pint and all your growler needs. Guaranteed no Ed Sheeran version of Fairytale!
  • Closed December 25-27 to over-eat, and watch all the movie classics. And we do mean all. Even the The Muppet Christmas Carol.
  • Thursday December 28 – open 2-6 for calm, soothing beers with the people of your choice.
  • Friday December 29, Saturday December 30 – open noon-8pm to allow you, our favourite customers, to escape your house while still avoiding the Mall, any Mall, indeed ALL MALLS.
  • Sunday, New Year’s Eve, open from Noon to 4pm for pre-party beers and to fill your growlers.
  • Closed New Years Day due to over consumption of food on New Year’s Eve.

This week we’re planning on a few changes to our regular beer line up, call it a festive makeover. And its not a string on tinsel on the edge of your glass. So keep an eye out for updates.