Holiday Hours and Deliveries

Irish Paul has teenagers, they spend most of their time in rooms that’s not the room he’s actually in. Smart kids. So he has a cunning plan to make them leave the house, he’s going to take some time off and stay home. Cunning plan indeed.

Teenagers outside, what could possibly go wrong. It will be next year’s best selling parenting book “Irish Paul says WTF”. You scoff but then stranger things have actually happened this year.

To facilitate Paul, the taproom hours – hold on a moment – lets not call it a taproom, the “glorified and very spacious shop formerly know as the taproom” hours for the holidays are thus:

Tuesday 22, Wednesday 23: Noon to 7pm
Christmas Eve: Noon – 6pm
Christmas Day, Boxing Day, Sunday 27, Monday 28: Closed
Tuesday 29, Wednesday 30: 2 to 7pm
New Year’s Eve: Noon – 6pm
Closed New Year’s Day, reopening Tuesday January 5 (that would be 2021, so a big cheer for the impending end of 2020)

Got that? The online store will continue to be open for curbside or inperson pickup. We are also open for Skip the Dishes, and Uber Eats during those dates.

There’s a slight change to deliveries too. By now at least half of you have stopped reading already and missed the hidden message from Little Orphan Annie about getting free beer at that secret location. But at least you can still order for home delivery.

Friday 18: Normal orange zone delivery
Tuesday 22,29: Deliveries to the blue zone
Wednesday 23,30: Deliveries to the orange zone

So no delivery on Christmas Eve, because you know, eh.. beer needs to be drunk. But you can curbside pickup!