Hi, can I ask you a question about the World Cup?

You just did.
No, seriously.
Okay then.

Are you showing the World Cup games?
Yes, we are, with the exception of the 4am and 7am games. All the other games we will be showing.

Will you be giving them the full Liverpool FC treatment?
You mean with the blackout blinds, two 18 foot screens and full audio? That treatment? Yes. By the way that’s way more than one question.

Oh you only have two screens!
Yes, we’re not a multiplex.

Will you have any specials?
Yes we will, we’ll be having Happy Hour prices on 16oz beers during the games and we’re planning some food and small batch surprises.

Can I have a beer at 10am?
That’s illegal, and the LGCA have told us that it’s not a big enough event to warrant blanket extensions. So beer at the start of the second half. And we’ll see if that changes over the knockout stages, as there are 9am games.

Do we need reservations?
Honestly we do not know. At Stone Angel we believe that football should be a communal experience, so if you’re on your own, join a table or sit at the bar and chat football with whomever is around you. We suspect the Canada games will be busy so come early. The joy of our our setup is that we’re all facing the big screens, it’s a way better experience than multiple small televisions. Of course every television is small in comparison.

One last question.
Oh here we go.
Will Canada win?
Oh that’s my phone ringing, I’d better go answer it….