Happy midwinter gifting festival to you all…

It only seems like last year that we produced our fornicating deer holiday card. This year in a bid to go a bit upmarket (and failing miserably) we’re going back to our Ikea-inspired one-size-fits-all DIY card. You can do it sober, tipsy, or drunk and no special tools are required. And because there’s nothing we all love more than self-assembly instructions.

You can use it to fake your own popularity, or impress friends you are gifting our beers to that you’re so tight with us we did a card especially for them. Most of all you can be sure that with all the options to pick from, the likelihood of your friends having the exact same card are low. Who are we kidding, nobody will print this out for their mantlepiece or shelf….

So on behalf of the team here, accept our best wishes for your holiday season, stay safe, stay warm, and have a great time!