Going full geek on this one.

Breaking News across the bottom of the screen.
And we’re going live now to Stone Angel Brewing at 1875 Pembina and our intrepid remote broacasting unit.

Cory, what can you tell the viewers about what’s going on there right now?
Well, we’ve just announced that we’re going pro.
Yes, me and wasshisname, .. em James
…. some vague interference on the broadcast…
… and we’re e….
… more interference, and a large alien like shadow crosses the screen…
… hello… hello….
… bananas…
… send help…
Static. Silence.

A very convoluted way of welcoming our new housemates, Cory and James of Full Geek Brew Lab who are setting up here. These two fine gentlemen will be brewing their own recipes and should be hitting the market in a few weeks. At which point their beers will be available from the taproom in cans and on draught. Meanwhile you can follow their adventures on social media via Instagram.

..and the alien references, their tanks are all named after sci-fi monsters….