Go west young men!

Last week, the Stoneangelers, or Stoneangelists, headed out west to hang out in Victoria BC, and generally make a nuisance of ourselves. There actually was a serious purpose to this (despite what our wives say) as we visited Specific Mechanical who are constructing our equipment. We had a very interesting tour of their facility where a massive brew house is currently under construction for shipping to Texas. Very exciting to see a Canadian company doing so well. As the saying goes, during a Gold Rush, be the one selling the shovels.

We the spent the afternoon wandering through various breweries on the island, chatting with their owners about their experiences with the equipment, and having the occasional tasting of the wares. Love the fact that we’re entering what is a very sharing and fun community!

On Thursday, Paul C, aka Irish Paul, headed off to Vancouver for a weekend of taproom exploration. “Research” he said! Quite!