Football, Beer, and things Belgian

Nobody can say that we’re not eclectic down here at the little brown 1970s stripmall, We’re equal opportunities foodies, if its food, or even close to food, we’ll eat it. So we have two food trucks for all your nutritional needs this week. We know that beer really does address those, but hey, at least you can tell your mother that yes, you are eating properly.

Thursday is a Blue Bomber home game and we have the lovely Indonesian foodtruck Rasa Indo parked outback.

Saturday is a Valour homegame, and what goes better with footie than pies! Lord of the Pies is back, and this time he’s doing more than pies. Try the sausage rolls, they’re fantastic.

Saturday also sees the release of a new beer – our Belgian Brown is here – Bruxelles Brune is a delicious malt forward Belgian style brown ale, accentuated with subtle caramel and roasted notes from dark malts. We think you’ll enjoy it. Only available at the taproom.

Talking of Belgium, we’re taking part in the upcoming Belgium Days at the Belgian Club. Check out their website for more details. And it’s our last few games on rotation at the Winnipeg Goldeyes, so go and ask for Luther and / or Onkel Georg!