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What is a Taproom?

A taproom is a product tasting room for a brewery – we only pull beers or ciders made on site. No other alcoholic products are available.

Do you serve wine?

No, under the terms of our license, only alcoholic products made on site can be sold on site.

Are children allowed in your taproom?

Yes! We even have a shelf of amusements for our smallest customers.

Do you serve food?

Only basic snacks including bags of popcorn, potato chips, locally made fudge and beef jerky. Food can be brought in or ordered in from external businesses. Ask at the counter for the menus from our neighbours.


Are your beers gluten free?

No, all of our beers contain various types of barley, a few also have wheat. Depending on the strength of your reaction to gluten, you may feel that the wheat-free beers are okay for you. Our ciders do not contain gluten.

Can I order a keg?

At the moment not unless you are a licensed premises with access to the MLCC Atlas system.


How do I look after my growler

We recommend that growlers should be opened within 24-72 hours of filling and should be consumed promptly within hours of opening. We offer some guidelines for their care to help you get the most from them.

I am organising a social, will you donate?

We are a proud supporter of the local chapter of KidSport, a charity which helps underpriveledged kids get into sports programs. To this end we both volunteer at and support several of their events.

Due to the overwhelming number of requests we have decided not to donate to socials. Sorry but we also do not donate to: Individuals or Private Fundraisers; Political Organizations or Campaigns; or Religious Groups.

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