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What is a Taproom?

A taproom is a product tasting room for a brewery – we only pull beers or ciders made on site. No other alcoholic products are available.

Do you serve wine?

No, under the terms of our license, only alcoholic products made on site can be sold on site. If we ever made a wine, then we can sell it. But for now, no.

Are children allowed in your taproom?

Yes! We even have a shelf of amusements for our smallest customers.

Are dogs allowed in your taproom?

No but they are allowed on the patio – just not inside the building as it is deemed to be a food production facility. You are allowed to bring live crustaceans in however. (Long story)

Can I reserve a table for a group in advance?

Absolutely! Just contact us, and we’ll arrange to keep tables aside for you.

Can I book an event?

Yes, you can, click here for more details.

Do you serve food?

Only basic snacks including bags of popcorn and potato chips. Food can be brought in or ordered in from external businesses. Ask at the counter for the menus from our neighbouring restaurants or our staff recommendations.

Do you have non-alcoholic options?

Yes, in addition to what we believe to be the better Non-Alc beers, we have the usual soft drinks (Coke, Coke Zero, Ginger Ale, and Pellegrino Lemon).


Are your beers gluten free?

No, all of our beers contain barley, and a few also have wheat. Depending on the strength of your reaction to gluten, you may feel that the wheat-free beers are okay for you. Our ciders do not contain gluten.

Do you use Lactose?

Usually, no. However any beers containing lactose will be flagged by our staff should you ask.

Will you fill my keg?

Sorry, no. But we can rent you a keg of our own.

Can I order a keg?

As a licensed premises, through the MBLL Atlas system. Otherwise we rent kegs of our core products here.


I am organising a social, will you donate?

Due to the overwhelming number of requests we have decided not to donate to socials. Sorry but we also do not donate to: Individuals or Private Fundraisers; Political Organizations or Campaigns; or Religious Groups.

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