Entertaining Father Stone

And the results are in…. tonight’s Father Ted episodes are

8.00pm – Entertaining Father Stone
Ted and Dougal are devastated as an unbearably boring, yet inoffensive, priest Father Stone arrives on Craggy Island for his annual visit. Ted prays for Father Stone to be taken away, but is later wracked with guilt when Father Stone is struck by lightning.

8.30pm – Hell
Ted, Dougal and Jack take their annual holiday and encounter Father Noel Furlong.

9.00pm – Tentacles of Doom
Three bishops visit the island. A worried Ted gives Jack elocution lessons beforehand. “That would be an ecumenical matter”.

9.30pm – A Song for Europe
Ted is goaded by Father Dick Byrne into attempting to write a song for “Eurosong ’96” (spoof of the Eurovision Song Contest). Despite having a song with only one note, Ireland’s fear of winning again (and having to fund it) plays into Ted and Dougal’s hands.

10.00pm – Rock a Hula Ted
A female singer (a parody of Sinéad O’Connor) visits the island just when Ted is judging the annual Lovely Girls competition, a parody of Ireland’s Rose of Tralee festival.

10.30 – Are You Right There Father Ted?
Ted’s “Chinaman” impression goes down badly with Craggy Island’s newly arrived Chinese community and he is branded a racist. In an attempt to prove he isn’t a racist, Ted decides to hold a presentation on multiculturalism in Craggy Island to the Chinese.

Bonus episode… 11pm, after last orders – Night of the Nearly Dead
The visit of a young daytime TV presenter, Eoin McLove, causes excitement for the island’s aging females