Enter the gladiators

Oh the excitement in the city, the nervousness of game day, the tension in the room as two groups of elite athletes get their game face on. After years of preparation, to get to this level of your chosen sport is no mean feat. Some of our team have been drinking for years to get to this level. Yes, the Schlitz Light Cup is this weekend. No, Don Cherry declined our invitation.

We understand how the Jets must be feeling a little tense this morning, it’s not that different for us and our crack team of… eh.. beer drinkers. We believe the Brazen Hall team to be similarly suffering from nerves. And if they’re not, they’re cheating. They are Vikings, what would you expect?

Open at 2pm Sunday for pre-pull pints and general taunting. Every pint of Brazen Angel pulled at Stone Angel, means a donation to KidSport Winnipeg!.

The pulls begin at 3 in our carpark.