Don’t be a Bob!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year seemingly. Amazing how that changes depending on whom you speak to. But now the kids are firmly back into their “I hate school” routine after two or three days, its time to remind you that the Prost! tickets are selling strongly so make sure to get yours. Prost! is part of our Angels’ Share giving back initiative.

Don’t be the guy last year, who was in the taproom two or three times a week, chatted about the event everytime, and left it to the morning of to try and get a ticket. He didnt get to go. Poor Bob. So buy your tickets today!

We will have two new beer releases on the day. The return of Roter Hase, our highly appreciated Rotbier, and a brand new beer, a Kötbusser Ale. What is a Kötbusser you cry. Named after the town Kötbuss, southeast of Berlin, the Köttbusser is a lagered German honey wheat ale with a golden hue, subtle spice complexity, and a dry finish similar to an Altbeer.

Unlike yeast-forward German wheat beers like hefeweizen, a Köttbusser has little yeast character in the finished beer. In 1877, with the introduction of the Reinheitsgebot across the newly unified Germany, the definition of beer was restricted to include only barley, hops, and water. So the beer style became illegal to brew commercially due to its use of wheat, honey and molasses and thus the beer fell into obscurity.

Both beers will be available in cans from September 21st after Prost! at the taproom.