Dees and does

As regular readers of this meandering part of the Stone Angel website, you will be aware that the ability to type a d is not one we take lightly. It’s the opposite in Dublin, the one in Ireland, not the six in the US of A. There, true Dubs like a d so much, they’ll routinely drop their th for a d. Little know fact, if it weren’t for Dubliners, Dublin would be spelt Thublin, and they’d be known as Thubliners. It’s true, because a man told us once in a bar.

So where is this going. We have no idea, but as we’re paid by the word, here’s some more.

We’re having a lovely Irish traditional music session from 7pm to 8pm this Thursday December 22. Some Christmas tunes, some Irish tunes, a nice relaxing evening of foot tapping music to enjoy a pint of our Irish Stout with. That’s Mountjoy X, with no d (by the way).