Dating a Brewing Company

“I met someone… in the brewery last night”
“That’s nice dear, what’s his name”
“That’s a lovely solid name, when can I meet him”
“…. and er Colin”
“… and they’re brewers”
*Dull thud of body hitting floor.

So yeah, we met someone, a new brewery. They’re nice. A casual discussion in the taproom has led through much further discussion, a few dates in the pub, a few hands on knees, and now we’re co-habitating! It’s all so terribly modern!.

Devil May Care Brewing will be moving their own tanks and test system into our space, where they will avail of our brewhouse, coldroom, and storage. Their beer will also be available in our taproom as being manufactured in the building, can be sold in the building. We will also be planning some collaboration beers, and cask nights with them.

“We’re delighted to welcome Devil May Care to our brewing facility” said Paul McMullan, brewer, president, and all-round nice guy. “The craft brewing industry is built on co-operation and sharing our space will allow both companies to grow as brewers with a mutual exchange of ideas. We’re looking forward to collaboration and the occasional pint. Or five.”

Irish Paul, Stone Angel’s own version of Vinnie Jones, added “Excited to be working with Steve and Colin, and selling their beer in our taproom. Co-operation and working with good people makes you look forward to every day. And now visiting our taproom will truly put an angel and a devil on each shoulder whispering in your ears”.

We figure it’s a marriage made in heaven… or hell.
Dibs on the bathroom first in the morning though.