Darren! Darren! It’s Marcellus Time!

It’s back, and we don’t just mean this blog. Marcellus, our Peanut Butter Stout is back on tap Saturday! In September, when we previously had a test batch, you drank 4 kegs in a little over a day. Poor Darren only got a tiny sip at the end. Well Darren, it’s here for you now, lots of it. Don’t be a Darren!

In other news, we’re canning Miss Havisham Regrets, our Best Bitter, on Monday, so look for it in all good beer stores. And Nollaig is in the tank. If you didn’t have it last year, or indeed hadn’t heard of us last year, it’s our wonderful spiced Christmas beer. Nollaig (pronounced Null-ig) is the Irish for Christmas, and this is Christmas in 16oz form.

We’ve two seasonal beers in the Liquor Mart right now – Samhain and Onkel George. So keep an eye out, supplies are limited. And if you’re looking for an event venue, there’s still time to book your Christmas event!