Countdown to Georg

Who knew table service involved so much walking. Rhetorical question, as we know most of you did, so no need to answer. But being pretty stationary folks, the admittedly short walk from counter to patio really took it out on the middle-aged knees last week. No complaints though, we were delighted and humbled to see so many regulars coming down to enjoy our draft beer once again. Great to be back.

We’re continuing our Curbside Pickup service on the days that we are open. But cutting back on the home delivery service to Thursday, Fridays, and Saturdays. This means that you can concentrate on enjoying your weekend with the knowledge that your beer will still come to you! Long live the Van of Happiness.

Friday June 12th is going to be a special day! It’s Onkel Georg Day! Like Beaujolais Nouveau Day but way better, the day we release the kegs into the wild. Cans will be ready early the following week, and will be available at all the better beer stores.

Some quickies.

Cider Wednesdays are back starting June 17th. Nothing better than a cold refreshing glass of cider on a patio of a summer evening. There’s some really nice cider being planned and in production.

And in a break with our tradition, we will be open for Canada Day! It’s a Wednesday this year.

Also congratulations to Devil May Care who are moving on. Torque will be taking over their production soon in advance of their moving to a permanent new home. Good luck lads.