Construction Update – Time to kick for home

The final push is on in the brewery side of our premises right now.

Our fantastic electricians (stand up and take a bow, Power Up Electric) and our mechanical experts (you too, now don’t be shy, okay just stand up, All Pro Mechanical) are working like demons crossing electrical t’s and dotting mechanical i’s to get it finished this week so that the cleanup can start. Yeah, we said cleanup!

On the taproom side, the space has been cleaned out and the floor is being worked on. As soon as the area around the bar counter is finished, we shall be moving the counter in. The counter components are currently at Kane Millwork awaiting assembly onsite. After that it’s wall finishes. Even the taproom furniture is in a Winnipeg warehouse.

We are getting closer to that finishing line – coming around the final bend, and time to kick for home. Yes, that was a pretty gratuitous Canada Games sporting reference.