Construction Update – Saved by the librarian

They say that selling a house, and getting a divorce are the two most stressful things you can do in life. A close third, and one that may cause the other two, must be building a brewery. But who cares, we’re finished and nobody died. The trades are gone, it no longer smells of fresh paint, but has the faint aroma of brewing. Four months of stress. And so this is the final “Construction Update”.

Bar a few decorative items, the taproom is complete and furnished. It’s large, airy and spacious, and we have an equally generous patio for those lovely fall evenings. We’re currently planning a soft opening or two, and an evening for our trades and friends. So we shall see you in mid September.

You’ve read this far, there’s still no mention of a book or a librarian, and you’re wondering if the Stone Angel guys are even more obtuse than normal.

Well as part of the application process for a liquor license (oh yes we have that too), we needed to post an advertisement in a local newspaper. “Easy” said Irish Paul, who has laid out more adverts than he cares to remember. And it was, until at the end of the time period for comments, we discovered that an electronic tear sheet was not proof than the ad had run. “Bother” said James, “bugger” said Paul M, and “$%^*%#&” said Irish.

Things seemed bleak for our heroes, but then came along our friendly, helpful, and lovely librarian. Sure enough, she was able to find a copy of the relevant newspaper for us – attempts to contact the newspaper through their labyrinthine call system having ended in abject failure and smashing of forehead off bar counter. So thank you Terri for finding us the newspaper, that got the license, that allowed us to brew beer, that allowed you to drink it. For you, the first one is free. And perhaps the second.

In other news, another batch of Luther’s Folly will shortly be available, and possibly in a bar near you! And we’ll be at Brew at the Zoo, with hopefully a couple of new beers!