Burgers, Banjos, Music, and Football

It’s like the joke about the Scotsman on the dating site, he fills out his interests as Bagpipes and music. It can also be said about banjos. It’s not like we hate the banjo picking country bumpkins, Irish Paul claims to be related to either the McCoys or the Hatfields (he cannot remember which), but Blue is the colour. But there will be music. Actual music.

It’s going to be a fun week at the taproom. Our Fall Cider, Earl Grey, is now ontap. There’s also a new small batch for Cider Wednesday, some new cocktails,, and our Cherry Seltzer is available in cans. Also keep an eye out for our new German releases. Returning shortly is Hun Lola Hun and Roter Hase, in cans and draught.

Saturday evening we have Killick playing their brand of Maritime and Irish tunes outside (please don’t rain) or inside (if it does). Live music to round off a great day. Burgers, music, beer, the perfect trifecta.

Sunday sees Premiership action at 10.30am with what could be a great game of footie – Leeds vs Liverpool. And the following Wednesday afternoon sees the return of Champion’s League football with Liverpool vs Milan at 2pm. Both on the big screen with audio. Even if you’ve only a passing interest in football (see what we did there), these are bound to be good games. As always all fans are welcome to come and watch. The Liverpool fans enjoy the banter.

Is that it?