Brian? Brian? BRIAN!

We tried hints, we tried a fake news story, but nothing from Winnipeg Transit or City Hall so now we’re going to you the people! Face it, what started out as a counter joke makes so much sense. The Rapid Transit station behind our building deserves a better name, and Brewery Station is that name.

Why would you name a Rapid Transit Station Plaza? It’s not even on a square, but a narrow stub of a street ending in a dustbowl. Better suggestion! Name it after the local brewery building shared by three local top-notch breweries – Stone Angel, Devil May Care, and Kilter!

So we created an online petition…. Sign It, you know you want to! The time is now!

Won’t transit maps look so much better with Brewery marked on them? Won’t your heart lift every time you pass through it? No? Then you’re clearly already dead.

Next stop might be insurrection! March on City Hall waving our cans of beer!