Bill Havisham Brennan

Now that’s a mouthful of a name. And while we’d be delighted if somebody was to name their child after their favourite Stone Angel beverage, this is probably not the right mash-up. Perhaps Lola Brennan, Marcellus George, or Luther Havisham although that sounds like a particularly bad-ass cop in a gritty Dickensian BBC drama.

There’s more aimless twittering in this post than a social media discussion on the Winnipeg Jets, who are playing Seattle tonight, and we’ll have the game on the big screen in the taproom. We’ll also be showing the Saturday afternoon game against the Oilers, so if you want a real craft beer corner, you know where we are.

And why all the Havisham Brennan rubbish at the top, just a way of saying that both Miss Havisham Regrets and Brennan’s Barn are back in cans next week!