Being brazen, if only for a day!

It’s been an exciting week of progress. Our contractors are really cracking on at the site, adding internal walls, and punching holes in external ones. The interior space has now taken on its planned shape, with the different areas readily identifiable. Floor drains and the reinforced floor for the brewery tanks are under construction. As are our tanks and brewhouse in Victoria.

Late in the week, we availed of the amazing hospitality of the Brazen Hall to create a batch of what will be our first official beer. A fun day was had by all, minor disagreements over the relative merits of the EPL’s Spurs, Arsenal, and Liverpool aside. We’re quite excited about the recipe, and intend to debut it at the Flatlanders Beer Festival in June. We cannot thank Kristján and Jeremy enough for their help, and look forward to collaborating with them over the coming years.