Begorrah! Irish Christmas is almost here!

You know what the best holiday is? It’s an Irish holiday, Irish Christmas! No need for cluttering up your home with tat you didn’t want from that aunt in New Jersey you don’t like! The gifts are liquid! And just in case you don’t know, Irish Christmas is Sunday March 17! Bring gifts!

So last year was a blast. If you’re weren’t there, you missed a day of chaos, beers, music, dance, and lots and lots of craic! This year is no different. We’re opening at Noon and powering through the day with a superstar cast of beerslingers pouring 17 beers and ciders, some old, some new, some returning, some fun!

But being Irish, we’re gone all in, and have some great live music!

First up around two is the wonderful Flatland Ceili Band, Winnipeg’s premier traditional Irish band!. All are members of Comhaltas Winnipeg, an organisation devoted to Irish traditional music. A fantastic authentic Irish musical experience. A traditional Irish folk band which plays a lively selection of jigs, reels, polkas, waltzes and slow Aires. They feature fiddles, concertinas, mandolins, guitars, Bodhrán, penny whistles and other acoustic instruments.

Around 4pm, we have Enaid, a local folk group. Hey, they’re Welsh but we’re all Celtic brothers and sisters right? And they do love their beer! In the Cymraeg (Welsh) language, Enaid translates to ‘Soul’. Presently they are the only Welsh traditional folk group in North America. They switch effortlessly from Ireland, to England, to Scotland, and of course Wales. If you saw them at the UK Pavilion of Folklorama last year, you know how good they are!

Our evening music is provided by two lads that talk like Irish Paul, but thankfully are musically much better. MacTague and MacAnallen are Irish folk balladeers, and while there may be small differences in opinion over who will be Ulster Champions in the GAA this year, we think you’ll love them! The lads provide a lively evening of Irish classics, are great craic, and will provide you with a wonderful evening of entertainment.

Three different musical styles, all guaranteed to entertain! In between all the music, we will have some bagpiping, Irish dancing, and lots and lots of beerage. We might even open the patio.

All week leading up to the day, and on the day itself, we are collecting for Winnipeg Harvest, so bring a tin for the bin! There’s two bins in the taproom so spread the love!

So this St. Patrick’s Day, don’t party like the Irish, party WITH the Irish!