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Our Products: Redhanded, Irish Red Ale

A medium bodied malt focused beer with initial sweetness balanced with subtle toasted grain and caramel notes which finishes with a roasted dryness and slight hop bitterness.

One of our core pours, Redhanded is a very traditional recipe without the hop bitterness often added to the style by North American brewers.

The Red Hand of Ulster is a heraldic device long used in coats-of-arms for families, towns, counties, and the province itself. One of the traditional explanations for the Red Hand of Ulster, is a story about a chieftain who, when his rival was leading in a boat race to claim his inheritance, won by cutting off his own hand and throwing it ashore so that he touched land first.

Style: Irish Red Ale
Formats: Draught, In Cans
IBU: 22
% Alc: 4.5
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