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Named after the German town of Kötbuss, southeast of Berlin, the Köttbusser is a lagered honey wheat ale with a golden hue, subtle spice complexity and a dry finish similar to an Altbeer.

In 1877, the introduction of Germany’s Reinheitsgebot beer purity law restricted the definition of beer to include only barley, hops, and water, this beer style became illegal to brew commercially due to its use of wheat, honey and molasses and thus the beer fell into obscurity.

“This Köttbusser, a lagered honey wheat ale, is medium-deep gold and hazy in appearance with an off-white head. Aromatically, there’s a lovely floral note to go with the caramel, malt, spice and secondary vanilla components. It’s medium-bodied and brings just a hint of sweetness, and the wheat note imparts subtle spice and banana-candy notes over top of fresh malt and hints of honeycomb and caramel that are complex yet approachable. It’s a lively, interesting beer that clocks in at five per cent alcohol, and that should appeal to seasoned hop-heads and craft beer novices alike. ★★★★” Ben MacPhee-Sigurdson, Winnipeg Free Press

Style: Köttbusser Ale
Formats: Draught, In Cans
IBU: 25
% Alc: 5
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