Beers and food!

We don’t let Irish Paul out too often, for reasons that are apparent if you’ve ever met him. At a recent beer festival he met a customer who joked how much they liked our Mountjoy X and what a shame it was that we had not made the other 9, and he just didn’t get it. But even he as a Pet Shop Boys fan gets the West Hawk Girls reference.

And that’s our way of letting you know that WHG is one of two new beers out this week. The other is an interesting story.

Four years ago for Flatlanders we took a beer, that we called, at the time, and we weren’t all that keen on the name, Smoking Hot Blonde. It was smokey, filled with chilies, and blonde. Over the years lots of people asked about it, but at the time, almost universally, folks loved the light heat but were less keen on the smokey flavour. So we reimagined it… double bass intro please maestro… as… Some Like It Hot – a lightly spicy beer just like the classic film.

Both are rolling out this week at the taproom.

And it’s a Blue Bomber homegame week. And that means food. This week we have a foodtruck lined up for you folks – the fabulous Engocha Ethiopian Cusine. So new beer, and food, and the Bombersare going for a perfect 10 or X if you like of wins. That’s a win.

We’re also showing the game inside, with food service until 9pm, so come down and watch the game, and enjoy some wonderful Ethiopian cusine. Or chill on the patio – with or without the chilies.