Barrel Aged Series – Don’t miss out.

It’s ready to go. Available for pre-order via the website. What is? Our limited release of a Bourbon Barrel-aged Amaretto Chocolate Cheesecake Stout. That’s a lot of description! But it’s a lot of beer.

If you liked the regular version, you will love this. The bourbon has added extra layers to the flavour and time has smoothed out the edges. Perfect for cellaring, or drinking now. Don’t be disappointed, we’ve had visitors to the taproom over the last week looking for the barrel aged Highlander. And they left disappointed. Don’t be one of “those people”.

And in other other news, a seasonal favourite at this time of year, and next in cans is Brennan’s Barn, our Irish Pale Ale. We’re also running through the regular 2021 Highlander cans, and it’s a January brew, so if you’re a fan of it, you might want to pick some up to last you throughout the rest of the year. And if we learned anything from 2020, is that we need more beer at home. Also the Onkel Georg Whiskey Sour is almost out of stock.