As the evenings draw in….

It’s all downhill from here, here in Negative Nellie’s office at Stone Angel, we are reminded that the evenings will start drawing in from now on. But we have months of lovely patio weather to enjoy too.

It’s a Bomber home game week (Thursday), and we are ready to party. Fresh West Hawk Girls is back on draught, and we have a foodtruck, the fabulous Engocha is here to pregame with you. If you haven’t had Ethiopian cusine, try it out, it’s very yummy!

Our new beer, Pylon a hefeweizen, is a homage to the Hydro tower that features in our summer sunsets and will be here next week! And our weekly Trivia Tuesday are continuing!

Incase you missed it via social media (we are aware that not everyone uses it, or has gotten fed up with rich boy tantrums), yes we are attending the 2nd Annual Ballpark Brewfest at the Goldeyes. July 22nd, mark your diaries, and buy your tickets which are selling strongly.

And another social media post that you may have missed is where to get Onkel Georg, either to drink, or to go. Some great locations here to enjoy your favourite radler this summer.