And thus it came to pass…

.. on what seems to be the 7453th day of Covid-19, that the provincial government closed down all the places where people were doing the bad things. Unfortunately their approach caught up a lot of small bars, restaurants and breweries who were doing all the good things. But there we are, and here we go.

For the next while, and we reckon 4 weeks, we are open only for retail and delivery. Our new hours are

Tuesday – Saturday: 2-7pm

That’s really quite easy to remember. It will allow you to pickup beer on your way home, or arrive home, and like Old Mother Hubbard, discover the cupboard is bare, and still run out for cans.

Our online store is updated with the return of Marcellus, our Peanut Butter Stout, and the addition of Mountjoy X. Redhanded and Foynes will be back in stock this coming week. Curbside pickup is available. Although deliveries are still Thursdays for now, we are looking at expanding delivery days and delivery areas. Needless-to-say that means no Cider Wednesdays for a while. But we just said it anyway.

We would also just like to say a big thank-you to all our customers who have metaphorically embraced us during these uncertain times. If you supported us by buying our cans, sitting on the patio, or coming in for a few beers, pat yourselves on the back, and know that it is vastly appreciated by all of us at Stone Angel.

Stay Well!
Stay Thirsty!