And then there was three – the new Southside Brew Hub!

And two begats three. After a month or two of cohabitation, we’re having a baby! Well not quite, today we are thrilled to announce that we are been joined by a third brewery in the building. Welcome Kilter Brewing!

After cruelly losing a lease at the 11th hour this past spring, Kilter have been looking for a new home, and brewing small batches at One Great City. And today, after the delivery of their large tanks, they are joining us and Devil May Care Brewing at 1875 Pembina. Like Devil May Care, Kilter will have their own fermenters in the building but share the brewhouse and other facilities.

“Super excited to be welcoming Miguel, Julian, Jerik, and Leo to share our home’, said Paul McMullan, President of Stone Angel Brewing. “Having three breweries in the space will be a positive experience for all involved, with the exchange of ideas between the different brewers, and economies of scale. Miguel is a fabulous brewer with a distinct style and we’re looking forward to pouring his beers in the taproom. The exciting thing for the beer drinker is one stop, three breweries, and many beers!”

As part of the process, Stone Angel is adding a new tap tower and extra lines so we can have up to 18 beers on tap. That will include several beers each of Kilter and Devil May Care.

“DMC is absolutely thrilled that Kilter is moving into the facility right alongside ourselves and Stone Angel. They have a wealth of creativity and skill, and on top of that are just a bunch of excellent guys. We’re so excited to be in a space where three companies will able to collaborate and work together to create something really special. Welcome to the neighborhood, Kilter! It’s going to be a fun ride.” said Colin Koop of Devil May Care Brewing Co.

So 1875 Pembina is about to become a three brewery site which should be exciting to all lovers of craft beer in the city!