All things must pass

It’s the last regular Blue Bomber home game of the season tomorrow. But we’re guaranteed a sequel in the Western Final on November 13th. It’s nice when your season goes into November eh… insert [several other team monikers here] fans?

As you may know by now from social media, Chef Alex has found himself and his roots again and is now Chef Aleks. Which has set Irish Paul thinking about reverting his name as Gaeilge, which to be honest most of you will still pronounce the same anyway. And as he cannot remember how to type a fada, he’s making a rod for his own back.

Here’s Chef Aleks’ planned offerings for tomorrow. And as is the new usual, we’ll have the Bomber game projected on the wall.

On Saturday we have a later than usual Premiership game on the wall – Liverpool Vs Leeds is a 1.45pm game. So there’s plenty of time for pregame beers, game beers, and postgame beers. For the Scousers, we’ll even have Fulham Vs Everton on beforehand. If you want to join the fine people of the local Liverpool supporters group, here’s some information.