All things Green and Red

It’s March, and we all know what that means. Wet feet, you cry. Irish Christmas, cry we! For the chronologically challenged, thats March 17, and this year is a Tuesday. Yes, we know we don’t open Tuesdays but Irish Christmas is a special day. So we’re opening. Loaf + Honey will be here with food to celebrate the day. There will be beers, there will be music, there will be dance and there will be Irishness! There will be Foynes! There will be Brennan’s Barn!

But as we know not everyone wants to drink beer on a Tuesday – like whatever. So we’re giving you a second kick of the can, On March 14th, we’re repeating our fun trivia night with an Irish theme and releasing this years batch of Foynes. As per Valentines Night, the format is teams of one or two, play as many rounds as you like, and win the opportunity to spin the Wheel of Green!

Are you a Liverpool fan? A group of like-minded people have gotten together to worship St. Jurgen of Klopp on a weekly basis. You can follow the group via Twitter. We’re showing the games on the big screen with an enhanced audio system!