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Founded by two Pauls, born within a week of each other, on separate continents, but united in their love of great beer. Joined in their insanity in 2016 by James, all three partners are enthusiastic to try new beers and flavors.

Paul M.
Paul likes to introduce himself as a recovering lawyer, casually glossing over his MBA and Sommelier training. He likes to spend his spare time finessing his technique on his BBQ and screwing with his perfectly-fine ribs recipes. A Jets season ticket holder, he feels vindicated at the appearance of Nikolaj Ehlers. Favorite beers: Belgian abbey and saisons. Follow Paul M on Untappd!

Paul C.
A relocated Irishman, Paul C. has always followed the seasons with his choice of beer – the more daylight hours, the brighter the beer. A confirmed masochist, Paul is a lifelong follower of Liverpool FC, and a more recent convert to the joys (or misery) of being a season ticket holder at the Winnipeg Blue Bombers and Winnipeg Jets. Favorite beers: Porters & Stouts. Follow Paul C on Untappd!

James D.
James likes to see himself as a really sexy version of Harrison Ford circa 1977 – which probably makes one of the two Pauls Chewbacca. Favorite beer: K├Âlsch.

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