A new season!

Summer looks done and dusted. A definite Fall-ness is in the air but Fall brings with it a change of beer season. And a change of food.

This Friday (the 11th) you can get pie-eyed at the taproom with the Lord of the Pies foodtruck! Pair a pie with a pint of Redhanded or Highlander. Or have it with a cocktail, although this does suggest a certain friviolity and joie de vivre to be honest. You just cannot imagine the bright young things of the Roaring Twenties with a pie in their other hand. But maybe in Blackpool or Scarborough. We wanted to add Scunthorpe but we were worried that it wouldn’t get through email filters. So Scarborough it is.

Saturday sees a whole other kind of new season. Footie! The football is back. It’s been so long, yeah we know it was only July that the gloriest of glorious days happened. So we’re opening at 10.30 with a Liverpool Memorabilia Sale, come down and browse before the game starts at 11.30. And yes of course we’re playing the Liverpool vs Nasty Leeds (as they used to be known) game on the wall. And a foodcart – Raph’s Jamaican Joint will be here with their oh-so-tasty food.

As per usual keep an eye out on the calendar of events.