A bird never flew on one wing….

….As the old saying goes.

So we have another popup kitchen this coming Saturday, May 1st. Loaf+Honey are back, this time with wings. Yes, Loaf+Honey gives you wings. It’s going to be a beautiful day, so wings, beers, and sunshine on the patio? Maybe a bike ride or walk down to the taproom?

Also a reminder that the provincial rules now state it can only be a total of four at a multi-household table outside. And yes, we were really asked if dogs count towards the four. And no, they don’t count towards the head count at a table, but we tried asking Pallister to double-check – sadly he’s not taking our calls right now. So the good news is they’re not regulating your fur-babies yet, although they’re almost certainly trying to figure out a way. All other rules still apply.