Summertime, and the living is easy….

Summertime, the living is easy, the beer is cold, and the mozzie count is low. We believe the fish are jumping, but have no position on the height of cotton, your daddy’s finances, or the superficial visual appearance of your mom.

We made a few changes to the patio – added a bunch more tables and umbrellas so there’s now plenty of room to sit out there and kill some time. As per city rules, the patio is non-smoking but dogs are always welcome. Equally nice in the high sun part of the day as the early evening when the sun drops a little, so come by and have a beer or two.

Friday afternoon sees the return of Island Fusion for the first time this summer – it’s a great foodtruck and highly recommended by the bar staff. In fairness our staff are mostly super enthused about anything to do with food, and spend most of their time thinking about it, discussing it, having it, and sometimes even working. But they know things… As per usual, it will be pulled up alongside the patio enticing you with wonderful aromas!